The office of Head & Heart Therapy is located in NW Portland between the Pearl District and 23rd. The building is accessible, with a secure entry. In terms of parking, off street parking is generally available. I recommend leaving yourself a bit of time to find parking, especially because there is quite a bit of construction happening. 

The red and white ActivSpace building, where my office is located, is across from Wonder Puppy. The entrance/elevator to the building can be found through the parking lot and next to the sign that reads, “office.” Please dial #325 at the callbox next to the elevator so I can grant access. Sometimes I am unable to buzz clients in right away. Feel free to call, text, or try the call box again. 

Please note that unfortunately there is no waiting room in the ActivSpace building. Therefore I recommend being right on time for your appointment. 

Pictured to the left is my office, a space thoughtfully designed to create a sense of comfort and calm. Refreshments such as coffee, tea, cold water, and chocolate will be available.  

Head & Heart Therapy

Phone: (971) 200-0482

Fax: (844) 479-2683

1722 NW Raleigh St. 

Office #325 Mailbox #308
Portland, Oregon 97209-1752

***Please note that at this time our practice is full. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our waitlist or you can check out recommended referrals under the blog post "Resources."

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