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There are so many great resources out there and so much you can do outside of therapy to improve your mental health. I will do my best to try and keep this list up to date, continuously adding to it. If you have any additional resources, feel free to share them with me!

Last Updated August, 2023


  • Katy Powell PMHNP-BC (out of network with all insurance companies)

  • Dr. Esparza Currently accepting new clients. (Contracted with United/Optum, Providence, BCBS, Cigna, and Moda)

  • Karan at Restore Therapy (Contracted with CareOregon/HealthShare, Kaiser, PacificSource, BCBS, Moda)

  • Laura Gadzik (Contracted with PacificSource, Providence, OHP, etc.)

  • Sunstone Clinic is taking new clients! Depending on the presriber, they are in-network with the following insurance companies: Regence BCBS, Providence, First Choice Health, Moda, Aetna, and Pacific Source.


  • Looking for low cost therapy? It appears as though Mindful Therapy Pacific NW offers therapy for $50 a session! They are also in the process of getting contracted with OHP so there are some providers who are already in network. I believe that they work with Oregon and Washington residents.

  • The William Temple House also provides low cost therapy, asking clients to "pay what they can" each session with a suggested rate of $10-40 a session.

  • Camille Curry: She is a fantastic clinician who takes a Gestalt approach. Private pay only.

  • Simone Crothers (In-network with: United, Providence, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, Moda, PacificSource, and BCBS) I had the pleasure of working with Simone at Cedar Hills Hospital. She is a seasoned clinician and has a masters in art therapy counseling.

  • Jona Behr (Contracted with Aetna and PacificSource)

  • Ellie Antico: Private pay only.

  • Reuben Simon: Only virtual sessions at this time. Private pay only.

  • Janis Crawford Only virtual sessions at this time. Private pay only.

  • Susan Bishop As of April 2023, her practice was not taking new clients but feel free to check with her directly if interested in services.

  • Casey Black: I had the privilege of working with Casey for two years and was always continuously impressed. He is such a compassionate individual with a wealth of knowledge. I believe he is still accepting new clients at this time, though please note he is not in-network with any insurance companies.

  • Lisa Stewart: As of April 2023, Lisa is not taking new clients but feel free to check back later. Lisa Stewart took over for me as Clinical Director of the Integrative Trauma Treatment Center. She now works in private practice after many years working in community mental health. She is patient, kind and skilled in somatic experiencing.

  • Riki Yonack: Riki, a fantastic clinician, is accepting new clients at this time and is only offering telehealth. She is in-network with BCBS and Pacific Source.

  • Alyssa Rose: Alyssa is trained in Art Therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. (Contracted with Moda, BCBS, Cigna, Kaiser, Providence, and Pacific Source.) She works with kiddos, families, and adults.

  • Kiersten Lindahl: Works with teens, individuals, and couples. All of her sessions at this time are virtual. Private pay only.

Group Practices:

  • NW Anxiety Institute: They are not taking new clients at this time but their waitlist is still open as of April 2023. NW Anxiety Institute has a great reputation and they are a bit different than other therapy clinics. (Contracted with OHP and Kaiser)

  • Portland DBT: As of April 2023, their waitlist for adults is 2 years and 1 year for youth.

  • Integrative Trauma Treatment Center (Contracted with BCBS, Moda, PacificSource, Providence)

  • Senua Counseling Clinic: (Contracted with PacificSource, Moda, Kaiser, Aetna, Providence, BCBS, and Cigna)

  • Owl's Nest: As of April 2023, Owl's Nest is not accepting new clients but their waitlist is open. Owl's Nest is another practice that takes OHP! They are fantastic and have clinicians who are non-binary if that is something important to you. Other than OHP, they are private pay only.

  • Moving Forward Staying Present: An amazing practice that currently has openings as of April 2023. They are in-network with a variety of insurance companies such as OHP, including Trillium, Providence, Aetna, Cigna, and Pacific Source.

Certified IFS Practitioners:

  • Jeff Masingill Not licensed to practice therapy. Does not take insurance.

Body Workers:

  • Regan Goodrich: Regan is amazing. She is personable, compassionate, and shows up so authentically. She can provide massage, acupuncture, cupping, and support using herbal medicine. And what's amazing, is she accepts most major insurances including Pacific Source!


Residential/Inpatient/Intensive Outpatient Programs:

  • CottonWood in Tucson AZ: I had the privilege of visiting Cottonwood Tucson for a Professionals Weekend. I was extremely impressed by their staff, immediately noticing their fund of knowledge, compassion, and employee retention. The landscape and campus alone is incredibly healing in its beauty. You have many choices when it comes to residential treatment and it is a big decision. For any of you struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues I highly recommend Cottonwood Tucson. Some standout features include equine therapy, the family program, art therapy, recreation therapy, and individualized treatment. Reach out to Musomi McDowell, National Outreach Director for Cottonwood to learn more!

  • Providence: Providence is often my go to when referring clients to a hospital setting for psychiatric reasons. They also have a variety of Intensive Outpatient Programs!

  • Associates for Psychiatric & Mental Health (APMH): APMH was recommended by a client who completed their Intensive Outpatient Program, who had only great things to say about this IOP. They are located in Vancouver, Washington. According to their website, they are in-network with Pacific Source, First Choice Health, Moda/ODS, Lifewise/Premera, Regence BCBS, Optum /United Health Care/Providence, and Aetna.

  • Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach CA Contracted with BCBS, Cigna, MHN, and Humana.

  • Rainier Springs located in Vancouver, Washington, is considered in-network with a variety of insurances such as Tricare, BCBS, Kaiser, Medicare, Providence, Pacific Source and HealthShare (for primary mental health). They provide acute stabilization for individuals who are an imminent risk to themselves and can assist with those who are looking to detox from alcohol or benzodiazepines.

Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid/HealthShare:

  • Need help accessing services? OHP actually offers case management! Complete the form to get started.

  • Central City Concern

  • Pearl Health Center Primary Care. They take OHP, Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, PacificSource, Providence, BCBS, and United.

  • Health Related Service Funds: It looks like OHP might be able to pay for things like yoga, air conditioners, cell phones, etc. to help keep you healthy. Talk to your provider id you are interested.

  • Abri: Radically open DBT. An awesome clinic, that has therapists, groups, and an awesome nutritionist!

  • Looking for acute care due to suicidality? Rainier Springs in Vancouver, Washington offers help to those who are in need of imminent care.


  • The Center Cannot Hold

  • The State of Affairs

  • When Things Fall Apart

  • The Gift of Imperfection

  • Self-Compassion by Kristen Neff

  • Attached

  • If the Buddha Dated

  • Why We Sleep

  • The Realm of Hungry Ghosts:

  • It’s okay your not okay: An amazing book on grief

  • My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathways to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies by Resmaa Menakem: In this groundbreaking book, therapist Resmaa Menakem examines the damage caused by racism in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology. The body is where our instincts reside and where we fight, flee, or freeze, and it endures the trauma inflicted by the ills that plague society. Menakem argues this destruction will continue until Americans learn to heal the generational anguish of white supremacy, which is deeply embedded in all our bodies. Our collective agony doesn't just affect African Americans. White Americans suffer their own secondary trauma as well. So do blue Americans—our police. My Grandmother's Hands is a call to action for all of us to recognize that racism is not only about the head, but about the body, and introduces an alternative view of what we can do to grow beyond our entrenched racialized divide.

College Planning Guide for Students with Mental Health Disorders

Looking for an Autism Evaluation?

We can assess and diagnose many conditions, however, there are some situations where we might refer out. For instance, if we are working with someone who is displaying many symptoms we might look to a psychologist to help indicate a more accurate picture in terms of diagnosis. Talk to your therapist if you are curious about your diagnosis.


Looking to track your mood? You might want to try eMoods. EMoods can help you identify triggers and patterns providing you with further insight regarding your mental health.


  • Restore Therapy

  • Alyssa Rose: She is trained in Art Therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is an in-network provider for Moda, BCBS, Cigna, Kaiser, and PacificSource.

  • Jess Brunelle, LPC Specializes in working with kids 5-12 yo. coping with all issues including trauma and ASD. Jess is in-person in Tigard and is currently on PacificSource and will soon be on Aetna, Kaiser, Providence, Regence and MODA. She can do OON or private pay until she is paneled with more insurances.

  • Tender Roots Counseling Mental health therapy for children, teens, young adults, and parents. Only taking OHP insurance but can bill as out of network.

  • Options Counseling and Family Services They are contracted with OHP, Aetna, First Choice Health, Health Net, Kaiser, Medicare, MODA, Optum, Providence, BCBS, Tricare, and TriWest.


  • Prism Health:Prism became Oregon's first LGBT primary health clinic in 2017, and opened as an extension of the Cascade AIDS Project. AND they take OHP! As of April 2023, they are not taking new clients but feel free to keep checking back.

  • Looking for a gender affirming letter for surgery? Looks like Rebel Heart PDX can offer a letter free of charge. They also do counseling and take Kaiser insurance.

  • Looking for a church that is LGBTQIA+ accepting? The following is a list of churches that are affirming:

Central Lutheran Church in NE PDX

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

Trans Specific:

ADHD / Getting Organized:

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if you have been diagnosed with ADHD or if you have challenges with executive functioning. Just know that there are lots of things out there that can be helpful!


  • Documentary called The Social Dilemma

  • Sisu Healing Partners: Founded by Taralynn Rayburn, Sisu Healing Partners offer a variety of amazing services such as family coaching, intervention, sober transport among other things. Taralynn is in recovery herself, so she knows firsthand what it is like to go through the healing process

  • BridgeTown Recovery Contracted with United, Providence, BCBS, Cigna, and Moda.

Relationship Resources:


Sleep is so crucial, especially in terms of our mental health. There are so many great resources out there around sleep. Check back in as we add numerous resources that can help support healthy sleep hygiene.

Financial Coach:

Financial Resources:

  • Wilderness4Life: This amazing resource called, the Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation, serves at risk young people and their families through Outdoor Behavioral Health Programs and beyond. Families in Oregon and Washington who have financial need are eligible to receive support through donations.

Take a listen:

  • I'm Right,You're Wrong: NPR: This podcast episode helps us understand how we process information and how we come to the conclusions that we do. In this episode, Tali Sharot, a cognitive neuroscientist and author of the book, "The Influential Mind," speaks on the topic of influence, looking at how difficult it can be to change others opinions.

  • How Science and Information Spreads - The Vegetable Lamb: NPR: What a great adjunct to the episode above. This episode describes how we know what we know and how new theories can shift into the spotlight, regardless of how accurate they are. Some of the stories within this episode help to highlight how imperative critical thinking is, regardless of the collective norm. For instance, Ignaz Semmelweis was able to make the connection that hand-washing was important before we knew germs were a thing. Unfortunately, his ideas were rejected and seen as offensive at the time. Both episodes speak to the importance of curiosity and compassion toward others and ourselves, along with an openness to what could be.

  • The Lonely American Man: This episode takes a look at the sense of isolation that can come along with male gender norms. It reiterates the importance of emotional vulnerability and connection with others. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

  • The Anatomy of Trust: When it comes to mental health issues, often trust can be a relevant topic. Sometimes we might struggle to trust ourselves and when it is difficult to trust ourselves it can be challenging to trust others. How do we begin to live more authentically, leaning in to what feels right? Brene Brown is a great resource with her SuperSoul video diving into the theme of trust.

Trauma Informed Dentist:

Healthy Coping:

Resources for Clinicians:


Sleep and diet are both important pieces of the puzzle contributing to our mental health. Sometimes we might need some extra support when it comes to our diet. Check out the following nutritionists:


Movement is so important when it comes to our mental health and there is significant research out there to support that statement. With that being said, I encourage you to find ways to stay physically active that you actually enjoy! Working out doesn't have to be torture. Find what you love!

  • Barre3: I love Barre3 because they offer online and in person options. They also have classes that range from ten minutes to an hour. So if you are busy, you can still get your workouts in! I also love that they offer modified options so classes are appropriate for all levels. They also incorporate breath work into each session, encouraging that mind/body connection. They have some great new client specials that are worth checking out!

  • Class Pass is a great way to start moving. They usually offer a free trial and it gives you an opportunity to check out local gyms and/or yoga studios in the area. Depending on where you live, they typically have a wide variety of classes.

Internal Family Systems (IFS):

Looking to connect with your system outside of therapy? Check out these awesome IFS meditations!

Here are some free resources that you can check out:

  • Yoga with Adriene : With over six million subscribers, Adriene offers over 400 free videos appropriate for those who are new to yoga, more experienced, or looking for some meditation.

  • Melissa Bender Fitness: I have been a fan of Melissa Bender for quite some time. What I love about her is that many of her workouts are under a half an hour and often don't require any equipment. I will warn you though, they can be a bit challenging. She also works as an Occupational Therapist which is pretty neat and she does offer some postpartum workouts, mommy and me works outs, in addition to at least one workout that is for kiddos.

  • The Yoga Room: The yoga room specializes in offering yoga that is accessible for all sorts of individuals such as those with bigger bodies, people who might have mobility issues, and those with back issues.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cameras: Research shows that watching aquariums can help reduce stress. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a live feed so that you can view the penguins, sea otters, sharks, jellyfish, and other creatures.

  • Insight Timer: Insight Timer is the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress offering over 30,000 free guided meditations.

  • The Passion Planner (an amazing planner) compiled a list of amazing FREE resources ranging from craft classes, to audio books, to financial resources, and other amazing things for you to check out. It is a pretty extensive list so I recommend taking a look!

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