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Handler: Sarah Dobey, LPC, MAC, ACS


Sid will be turning five this upcoming August and his love language is play. Sid would play fetch all day, every day, if he had the opportunity.

You might be wondering why he looks a bit different. That is because he is called a Xoloitcuintli (pronounced "show-low-eats-queen-tlee), a breed that is hairless. This particular breed is actually one of the worlds oldest dog breeds. Historically Xolo's played an important role as they were seen as guardians/protectors, and were also considered to be healers. This is part of why I think Sid is so special.

Sid is a therapy pup in training, working toward his Canine Good Citizen Award. He has completed his Good Puppy and Great Puppy training at WonderPuppy, and has also completed the Canine Good Citizen Prep Class, offered at the Oregon Humane Society. In addition he has attended many puppy socialization classes when he was little. Please know that Sid can be aloof with new people and may, on occasion bark if he has not seen you before. Please let him smell you before going to pet him.

Sid tends to be at the office of Head & Heart Therapy most days. If for any reason you would prefer that he is not there, please just let us know. 

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