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Financial Policies 

Please note as a courtesy we will verify insurance benefits and submit claims on your behalf. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that services are covered. Therefore, we recommend that you call and verify that we are considered in-network with your insurance plan. Please know that costs are due at the time of services rendered.


Additionally, we do ask that you provide us with at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. You will be responsible for the entire fee if you do not provide notice adequate notice. 


Billing & Insurance Q & A: 

What insurance companies is Head & Heart Therapy in-network with?

We are considered in-network with the following:

  • Aetna

  • Pacific Source

  • Providence

  • OHP (HealthShare/Care Oregon & Open Card)


When calling my insurance company, what questions should I ask?

  • Is Head & Heart Therapy/the therapist's name considered an in-network behavioral health provider for my plan? 

  • If so, how much is my co-pay per session? 

  • What is my annual deductible and has it been met for this year?

  • When does my calendar year start?

  • How many sessions per the calendar year does my plan cover?

  • What percent of treatment is reimbursed per visit for an out-of-network provider

I have OHP, will therapy be covered for me?

It depends on what form of the Oregon Health Plan you have. If you have HealthShare/CareOregon then yes, therapy will be fully covered since we are considered in-network with Care Oregon! Please note that we are in-network with Open Card and Care Oregon only. We, unfortunately, don't work with other forms of OHP.

Out of Pocket Fees*

Service Provided               Session Length               CPT Code               Fee

Diagnostic Evaluation       53 - 60 Minutes                  90791                  $185

(this is generally the first therapy session)           

Individual Psychotherapy  53 - 60 Minutes                      90837                     $155

Individual Psychotherapy  90 Minutes                              N/A                        $200

Case Management            15 - 60 Minutes                        T1016                      $120


Group Psychotherapy       60 - 120 Minutes                     90853                    $35

*For those who can’t afford our out-of-pocket rates, our income-based sliding scale fee schedule is available upon request. Email for more information and to learn if you qualify.

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